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Apartment Style Condo Inspection

It is worth having one!

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Many people ask, “Is it necessary to get a home inspection on the condo I am buying?  All the maintenance and repairs are handled by the condo board and are included in my condo fees, so I really don’t see the point.”

The short answer is yes


A condo, while cheaper and with the safety net of a condo corporation, is still a sizable investment and as such, is worth protecting.  The reality is that an inspection will often save you money in the long run. Even though you aren’t directly responsible for paying for a new roof with a condo, there are still plenty of costly repairs you should be aware of.


A condo inspection is similar to a home inspection – it’s a visual examination. At no point in the inspection are walls opened or floors lifted to see what’s under the surface.

Every Apartment Style Inspection includes a visual inspection of the following:

Your condo inspection will cover the the following systems that are accessible and that are not covered by the condo board or home owners association:​​

  • Electrical system

  • Plumbing

  • Determine if the A/C and other HVAC systems are functioning

  • Windows, doors & walls within the unit

  • Ductwork and vents​

  • Determine if all appliances are functioning 

  • Functional condition of finishes and countertops

  • Floors & cielings

*The systems that are covered by the condo association or home owners association such as roof, parking garage, interior hallways/common areas, or building structure may be visually scanned for any obvious defects.

All of our inspections include a Thermal Imaging Scan of the home.

Within 36 hours of the inspection, you will be sent a digital report including pictures, descriptions, and recommendations for all found defects. Our reports will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed document so that you can make an informed decision on your existing or future home.

Once the inspection is complete, we do a walkthrough with the client. A walkthrough is an important opportunity to familiarize the prospective homeowner with their new property and have any questions answered. 

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